Family Portrait Photography
Baby photography - Alex at 7 months, session 2 of 3

The most popular baby portrait package I offer is comprised of three photo sessions over your baby’s first year, you can choose the timings, but good times are 4, 8 and 12 months, as it showcases their key development stages. This package includes a free folio containing one print from each photo session. This is Alex’s second session, and his personality is really starting to emerge!

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Baby photography … Isaac completing his triple session package
Baby photography .. my latest work as a video

Just 2 minutes long this video showcases my recent work. Enjoy!

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Mother’s Day gift offer
Mother’s Day is fast approaching. Why not drop the hint that you’d love a family/child/baby portrait session. I have put together a fantastic package that includes a one hour photo session AND a framed 8”x6” print for just £25 (Value £160).For more information please visit  myMother’s Day gift offer page on my website, this promotion closes April 4th, 2011 and the session must be completed by May 29, 2011.
Baby photography … Teddie at 5 months

These photographs were taken at Teddie’s first session with me as part of a triple session package that I offer during baby’s first year. It’s great to see them grow and develop, but already you know he’s going to be a real cheeky little boy!

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Baby photography … Lyla at 5 months

This is little Lyla from her first photo session … I just love the range of facial expressions you get from babies!

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Baby Photography … smile baby, smile!

It may look like an easy job, but trust me it isn’t. All babies are different – you probably already knew that – and therefore every photo session is different. Hooray I say – I’d get bored if I had to do the same thing over and over again.

Fortunately I have had it all in my studio; happy, sad, grumpy, tired, sick, hungry. I’ve learnt to work with it – and generally I head it off, by suggesting parents book a slot that matches their child’s happy time. Strangely the 11 a.m. session is the most popular, which is also the time most first time mothers have worked out how to get out of the house by, and this was with a 5 a.m. start. I love the challenge of photographing babies, watching them grow and their emerging personalities blossoming into toddlerhood.

The most popular baby package I do is a three separate sessions over babies first year – this particular baby promotion has been popular for the past twenty or so years (not that I was there at the beginning). It’s an absolute classic and is so popular because the free gift the parents receive at the end is typically a triple folio/frame, depending who you book through, containing one image from each stage of babyhood really shows how baby develops and changes during that first year.

The reason I mention this particular promotion is for the challenges it presents – typically a baby is photographed at 4, 8 and 12 months. In theory this captures the various stages of lying, sitting and standing quite nicely. Except some baby’s will achieve those stages early or latter than the book says.

I solve that one, by asking the parents whether the baby is sitting yet before I book the second session. I can’t be doing with rigid rules, who cares if this is at 7 months or 9 months? I don’t.

The key to it all is to manage the parent’s expectations. Everyone loves the smiley baby photograph, but the baby may have other ideas particularly when arriving at a new unfamiliar place. If I can keep the parents relaxed and happy, then I usually end up with a relaxed happy baby who may or may not smile.

I can honestly say that in my five years of photographing babies only one baby has come in and truly smiled and chuckled for the whole session. In my experience, and fortunately for me, parent’s love photographs that capture their child’s personality and I know I’ve achieved that when they comment, “That’s him! He pulls that face all the time!” The smiling baby pictures are the icing on the cake really – especially at 4 months old.

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Baby photography … meet Joseph!

Meet little Joseph - his parents won the raffle prize that I donated to the Bishop’s Stortford Baby & Toddler fayre held last month. This is my favourite photograph from our shoot, and whilst it made the shortlist, another photograph won the day!

Baby photography … the cake smash!

Cake smashing! I love this idea - take one toddler, add cake and let the destruction begin. I’ve want to do a session like this for ages … maybe I will in 2011! Thanks for the inspiration Susanne.

2010 my favourite photographs: Henry


Henry was a really smiley happy baby. Although I have to say his parents were quite proactive in making him smile with various toys, songs and silly faces. He absolutely adored it all. And I have to say for a 4 month old it is quite rare - normally you will get a few smiles, but not a constant stream. Often a baby will be really happy and chuckle in the home environment, but the sheer act of bringing them somewhere new makes them really curious and it takes them a while to take in their new surroundings & smile.

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